Natural View utilizes 8 basic materials in most of our waterfall construction projects.

Listed below are these materials and helpful links for you to view.

  1. Natural View utilizes a geotextile fabric to protect the liner from the soil. Home supply stores carry a light version of the fabric. This link will help you learn more about geotextile fabrics.
  2. The main waterproofing material is the PVC membrane or liner. Larger home supply stores offer this product in small width sizes. This link will help familiarize you with liner membranes.
  3. Plumbing of small features can be done with 2" flexible pvc. spa pipe. Larger features require ridged pipe and fittings.
  4. Pumps can be of the submersible type or centrifugal type. Natural View utilizes pumps that have an output from 100 gallons per minute to 3,000.
  5. Natural View utilizes a washed gravel in constructing our waterfalls and liner concealing walls.
  6. Landscape stone or waterfall boulders can be purchased from your local stone supplier.
  7. Decorative gravel will help to achieve a natural look to your water feature boulder setting. Softening the boulder seams is one application for decorative gravel. 
  8. Underwater lights can enhance your waterfall enjoyment. Light kits available at your home center have a good cost. This link gives you one of the best products on the market in nightscaping.
  9. For your in home or patio enjoyment of waterfalls, this link will show you the products for indoor/patio waterfalls.

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