"Thought I would send you some of the postcards that we have made that show some of the beautiful work that you did for us. Please stop by to see us if you are back in the area."

Danny F. Moore
Director, Business Division
Home Mission Board, SBC

"It is my pleasure to be associated with Gerard Spyres and Natural View. I have been involved with Mr. Spyres on numerous projects and have come to rely upon his expertise on several occasions. His knowledge accompanied by his imagination and creative talents combine to produce quality results that are unparalleled in the landscape/waterfall industry. Mr. Spyres quality of work, character and professionalism are beyond reproach. I strongly recommend Mr. Spyres to you without reservation."

Paul Hansen
Landscape Consultant
Tierra Vista Inc.

"While working as a Consultant to the City of Tulsa Parks Department on site improvements for Woodward Park, our office was confronted with reconstructing several naturalistic rock streams, originally constructed by the WPA. We had existing streams to serve as a guide, but once those were demolished, it was important that the construction personnel be familiar with the characteristics of stone and water, and that the lead person on the project have an artistic eye. Gerard provided the services that allowed the streams to be replaced with a similar character to the original, but blended the existing stones which could be reused, with the required replacement stones.

Natural View was very competent in their stone placement and provided a very naturalistic stream layout. Their stonework and waterscape experience became evident in their work."

Arlin C Vancuren ASLA
Howell and Vancuren, Inc.

"In the 1930's, development of a rock garden in Woodward Park was begun by the Works Project Administration. A rock garden and extensive stream channels were built of limestone. A water system was installed to circulate water through the rock garden into small pools and down stream channels which finally empty into a series of large lagoons. These features remain some of the most popular in the park.

In the 80's the mortar on the rock work and pools was showing serious deterioration. This past year we completed renovation and reconstruction of the recirculating streams and pools. Before the start of the work, staff was doubtful that anyone could recreate the original, naturalistic appearance of the streams and pools. Staff was extremely concerned about the thousands of azalea plantings that could be affected by a project of this scope.

Gerard and his crew worked on these historic features with the care and concern of artist and craftsmen. Damage to beds and plants was minimal through working conditions were extremely cramped. Gerard studied the placement and alignment of each rock before it was mortared in place and paid particular attention to the speed and depth of water flow every foot of the way. Visually, the streams and pools are works of art. The sound effect Gerard created with falling water take the visitor out of the city by drowning out the sound of traffic on nearby 21st Street.

Gerard exceeded all of our expectations of artistic craftsmanship. This is one of the finest jobs I have ever seen accomplished in my 19 years with the Park and Recreation Department. It was a real pleasure working with Gerard and his crew.

Leigh V. Standingbear
City of Tulsa Park and Recreation Dept.

"I wish you could see our waterfeature here in Lebanon. It is more beautiful than ever now that the landscaping around it has had a few years to mature. My only regret is that the stream does not run directly through my office!

Last fall I added a small KOI pond with a waterfall to my back yard. The scale is nothing near your work, but I enjoy the pond and caring for the fish. If I ever build a new house I would love to include your work in the landscape."

Mark Tanzer
Vice President
Product Development
Cracker Barrel
Old Country Store Corporation

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